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Where Pets Come First

PetSound Animal Hospital provides full service care for the life of your four-legged companion. From puppy or kitten hood to the aging senior dog or cat, we will ensure that your cherished companion receives modern preventative care, wellness counseling, and appropriate screening tests. If the unthinkable happens and your pet is injured or becomes critically ill, we have the facilities and equipment to provide for their needs.
We offer preventative and wellness services including vaccinations, annual examinations, obesity prevention, early disease detection, and annual screening tests. We also have progressive endoscopy, ultrasound, surgical, overnight boarding and doggie daycare services. Our hospital is equipped to treat conditions from the common--such as allergic skin disease, ear infections, and dental disease--to the chronic or complex--such as diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, and chronic urinary or intestinal conditions.

Our veterinary staff includes a board-certified internist with over 30 years experience caring for pets with complex conditions. Dr. Kevin Monce has helped many companion pets when their owners arrived at PetSound as a last hope. Theirs are some of the happy stories you'll find on our website.

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